Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gak and Placentas

Gak.. The shit that destroys your hair and smells like balls.
 So do you guys remember this stuff? I use to have it when I was a kid, along with Floam. All these things were, were gooey weird shit to squish around. This useless crap went away for awhile. But out of know where, someone decided it was time for a come back. (Insert that line from Mama's gonna knock you out. "Don't call it a come back")

Here it is!
Squishy shit! Now available in Tickled pink"
Like I said' I had this crap as a kid. I use to put it by my nostrils and act like it was the worlds largest booger. I squished it in its awkward container to create fart noises. Eventually it would collect so much random particles of crap. I'd have to toss it. Now' if I had this goo today. I couldn't help but wonder if playing with Gak, is what playing with a placenta would be like. Like seriously guys' you don't think that just maybe that squishy, smelly shit, just might be what your OB  has to deal with when you deliver your spawn? I'm pretty sure it is. And maybe in medical school. Teacher's give out Gak to students to get the feel of placenta. That's kinda gross. But I'm thinking I might be right. Yeah' I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Gak- The toy that mimics placentas world wide. Now in stores every where.

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