Sunday, April 21, 2013

Support vaginas!

                                                   * I'm glad this man supports my vagina*

Yes' you read it correctly. This man loves vaginas! And with the ribbon it's on, it shows he support them too! I wonder if this wonderful magnet is for all the fallen vagina's out there. Or maybe he's a gyno. Either way his love and support for vaginas is strong. Strong enough that I had no other choice then to document his love for our "land down unders". And to show it to other vagina lovers and owners out there. To show us not to be ashamed, and to put our love on our cars. Because apparently that's the right thing to do. Take it from this guy! Whose ribbon not only says he loves vaginas, but it even shows one in a G-string with hooker straps. Gotta love it.

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