Monday, March 25, 2013

I have a plan....

 I am a crazy, zombie  fan. I've always loved shooting them up in video games (Even though I sucked) and I love most zombie movies. Now since The Walking Dead Survival Instinct came out, I have been dying to play. (Side note: I don't play video games often. I can't even remember the last time I touched one.) I am a huge Walking Dead fan, so I was all nerdy excited... so was my middle daughter. She has a love for horror especially zombies. It's incredibly awesome and twisted at the same time.

So she has had me play the game just so she can watch and keep track of how many gas cans I found. ( Idk why she wanted to keep track of gas) This became annoying and tired some because well.. I'm a mom and I have ADHD so I had other shit on my to-do-but-never-finish list. So in order to side track her, I decided to tell her we're going to come up with a "Zombie Plan". This would include what we'd stock up on, where we'd want to  live and make into a fortress, our weapons and what kind of people we'd want to stay with us. And holy shit' the plan was to get her off of me playing the game, but it turned into a huge zombie planning  thing. Like it was no joke. I was starting to get all serious and explain my reasoning behind why I'd want this and that etc. Keep in mind I am doing this with a 6 year old. But my 6 year old daughter knew her stuff. She wasn't going to have Unicorns and Rainbows. She was going to have a riffle with mansion and a few doctors. She wouldn't "scout" for things at night, only in the day. She'd give everyone a gun, but advise them to only use it if it was really needed because they make to much noise. Uhhhh... Say what?!?! My daughter is the shit!

I have a feeling she's thought about this before. Because there was just to many good ideas coming out of my pint sized daughter's mouth.