Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First home. Please kill me now.

Searching for a home is worse then getting a pap smear.... Like for real! I think it's an even worse process for woman then it is for men. Women like all things pretty. So it can be crazy easy for us to fall in love with a house.

Me and the guy have been searching for our first home. This should be an exciting experience, but it's not. I'll love a house and find it completely within our needs, where as the guy will focus on his man cave and what other men say about it. Which pisses me off! This is OUR house not theirs. What they say doesn't matter. They have their own houses to worry about, why put their two cents in a piggy bank that doesn't accept foreign money, you know?

I'm obviously writing this out anger and I have every right too. The guy and I found a house that is absolutely perfect for us and our family. But ofcorse the guy has to ask other men what they think. Which annoyed the hell out of me. These other guys are not paying the bills nor or they living in it. If you have questions about the boiler, plumbing etc. I completely understand asking other men that have knowledge in these things. But when it comes to anything else like how much it is and the size and whatever. their opinions are not needed. They don't have our family, our needs or our situations. I am so, so very mad at the fact that now, the guy is not so into this house. Because apparently it doesn't have enough storage. Ummmmmm' this house has a full basement apartment with a large laundry room and a utility room with storage. It has a converted garage, that if the guy didn't need his freakin man cave (Which he does not need) is more then plenty of storage. It also has a shed, a downstairs large office room and 5 bedrooms in which we only need 4. So please explain to me where "Not enough storage" comes into play. Oh did I mention that it has a ginormous backyard that we could easily have a pool, basketball court, play ground,3 large sheds and a mini circus and still have enough room? Yeah' well it does!.  So you can see where my frustration comes in.

I want this house. I don't want to look anymore, because seriously it gets annoying. I want my own home already. I want this house for my kids to grow up in and create their memories and messes in. I want to decorate like a crazy adhd person would. I want it all and I want it before someone swoops in and steals my home. Because in my mind, it's mine already. Like no joke' I already have a SMASH book going with all my decorating ideas , colors, purposes for rooms and starting to draw out furniture layouts (yes I'm kinda crazy).

So please people whose opinions don't matter about my "storage", STFU! It's my damn house and it's going to plenty pretty and storagable (Not a word, don't care) when it's in my possession. Wish me luck people, I sure as hell need it.

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