Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trust me.. I'm a doctor!

It never fails. Any time I hurt myself or it looks like I have a "boo boo". My son is to the rescue.

Me: Ouch! Damnit!

Boy: Wus wrong mommy? You gots a boo boo.

Me: Yes Bubbie (His nick name). Mommy's ok.

Boy: No! You need a dot-tor. I fiss the boo boo, mommy.

(Bubbie will come over find my boo boo and kiss it)

Me: Thank you. It feels much better.

Boy: Welcome mommy. I fiss the boo boo because I am a dot-tor.

(Bubbie leaves and comes back with a plastic butter knife)

Boy: Otay mommy. Time to cut it off.

Well that escalated quickly...

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