Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I have crushes on the weirdest people.

Soooo... I just realized I have a crush on Carl Parker. Whose Carl Parker you ask? He is this cute meteorologist on The Weather Channel. I have this slight obsession with watching it. On a day to day basis, I may turn it on once at night just to get an update. But when there is some crazy storm coming. Best believe that channel is on non-stop until whatever shit brigade passes.

"Hey there, your house might blow away, but I'm kinda hot, so it's ok"
Just imagine when your freaking out over some blown out of proportion storm and then some eye candy comes on to give you the details. He turns my panic level down a few notches with his weathery jargon. He could tell me that an F5 tornado is on it's way. And I'll still be sitting there doodling Samantha Marie Parker and Carl and Samantha 4-eva in cute little hearts. Just because his baby blues draw me in..... And I'm that juvenile. Don't get judgy people. You'd do the same.

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